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DHS Hurricane 2


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The new rubber specially designed for Wang Liqin, Yan sen in 2000 Olympic Games, can create much higher speed and spin than any other products while keeping stable control. In addition, it has a strong near-table offensive power for making ball fly in low arc as to frustrate the opponent's defense. One of the most highly regarded DHS rubber. It?s very fast, very spinny and still has good control.


Ratings (out of 12):

  • Speed: 12
  • Spin: 12
  • Control: 10



Lee Rogers
5 of 5 Stars
Hard and fast sticky chinese rubber. Very offensive attacking rubber with abilty to put both speed and spin on ball with fine skill. World number 1 Wang Liqin uses this rubber. To control this spin wise you need refined and fine skill. You'd prob need to play 'at least' 2 times a week to control this thing with consistency, especially if like to use spin. So hard and fast that it is very hard to control spin wise on faster blade.


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