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Spinlord Waran - fast and dangeorus short pimple


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Spinlord Waran

Unexpectedly fast and dangerous - that describes Spinlord's Waran (Monitor Lizard). Other modern short pimple rubbers combine a soft top-sheet with a soft sponge. Waran is very different. The top-sheet is hard. In addition the pimples are very short. The sponge is soft and provides a very good built-in speed glue effect.

This combination makes the Waran an absolutely deadly weapon previously unachieved in tempo and destructive effect. This is our recommendation for a direct offensive game at the table.


  • Speed: 11
  • Spin: 8
  • Control: 8


More detail and background from Spinlord:

The top-sheet of Waran is quite hard. In addition, the conical shaped and ribbed pimples are very short. The sponge is soft (but a little bit harder compared to the sponge of the SpinLord Degu) and provides a very good built-in speed-gluing effect.

Waran is a very fast rubber and our recommendation for a direct offensive game at the table. In addition Waran is also very good for chopping. Undercut balls have an extremely low and thus dangerous trajectory. It is also very easy to block the opponents attacks with Waran. Block balls can be placed precise and both passive block balls and aggressively pushed block balls are possible.
Like Degu Waran is very insensitive to incoming spin. When comparing Waran to Degu, Waran is much better for fast attack, but Degu is superior for topspins. Also the Degu is a little bit easier to play although the control of the Waran is still very high.

Waran can be played by players of all levels.
Sure there are even faster rubbers on the market (Waran II for example) or more dangerous rubbers (like Keiler or Gipfelsturm). Maybe there even will be rubbers that are faster and more dangerous.
Anyway Waran is not even dangerous in a sense that it will force the opponent to make easy mistakes.
But for very many players Waran still will be the best choice. When it gets rough in a close game, no other fast Short Pimple will be so reliable as the Waran. Many other pimples have a weak spot, that if the opponent finds it, may cause you to loose the game. Waran will help you to win more games then before because it has no weak spots, it works with all kinds of balls against all kinds of opponents. No matter what playing style your opponent has with Waran it is always very easy to grab the initiative, to put continuous pressure on the opponent and never lose the control.
With Waran you can also win the game with brute force, when you smash hard, the opponent will have no chance to return the ball.
Also Waran enables the player to play very versatile, quickly adopting to every situation of the game with ease. Even serves can be played with Waran more effective then with other Short Pips.

And by the way the weight of this rubber is very low.

Waran is at the moment our best-selling rubber. Actually now we sell even more of this rubber then of our famous long pimple Dornenglanz, and surely much more then of all other rubbers.

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