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Dr EVIL ox, Deceptive spin changing short pimples


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"Special formulation of natural and synthetic rubber compounds make this pip rubber very strange. The formula not the length of the pips is what gives this rubber its ability to chop, bump, smash, and manipulate spin all with unparalleled control. Dr. Evil can glass under a ball one shot and generate spin on the next. This product is durable! broken pips are rare even during robot practice. Unlike "classic" hard bat rubbers, Dr Evil is able to handle high amounts of incoming spin."


Ratings (out of 10):

  • Speed: 7
  • Spin: 5
  • Control: 9
  • Sponge: OX (no sponge) 



David Brown
4 of 5 Stars
I luv Dr Evil and used it on and off for past 4 years. Often thought it was the name alone - but have never found a better pimple rubber and been there an tried a few. - Hate long pimple. Its so negative - just block and block - boring! I like something I can drive, loop or hook with. DrE is not that flash for loop or hook but..... drive is awesome when you drive hard and deep against chop or light top spin. But therein lies DrE's archiles heel. Like all short pip, med pip or long pip, it struggles against good heavy fast top spin from modern rubbers. It can't reverse all the spin - so if you get an incoming hi-spun topspin hook shot, you're in deep doo-doo. Drop back and chop is about the only option and I don't like chopping. But other's do. I used DrE as an anti-junk bat weapon. Whenever I cam across contrast bats I used DrE to give them the irates. Luved the look on their faces when I was able to DrE them. And I used to do it quite well. I would take pity on hi-spin p


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