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Waldner professional bat, Waldner Offensive 2016 FL, Z1 Turbo


The blade of this bat is the special blade that Jan-Ove Waldner, arguable the best player ever, celebrated his greatest success with. The blade has tons of control and feeling, yet offers good speed. Of course in the days when Jan-Ove Waldner had his greatest sucess, everyone used rubbers with speed-glue, which is no longer legal these days. So Instead we've paired this unique blade with Donic's fastest rubber with in-built speedglue effect, the Bluestorm Z1 Turbo!

DONIC Bluestorm Z1 Turbo: Power personified.

A middle-pored sponge with a short wide pimpled structure. The Turbo has a 50° sponge and is therefore slightly harder than the standard Z1. DONIC has produced a more dynamic version of Z1 with Bluestorm Z1 Turbo. The sponge of Z1 Turbo is slightly harder but with the same middle pore size. An almost perfect combination with the very thin high-tension pimpled rubber and the highly valued dynamic blue sponge. The perfect weapon for uncompromising attackers.

Waldner Offensive 2016 - Special JO edition!

Re-release of the blade which Jan-Ove Waldner celebrated his greatest success with!

Nearly 20 years after his World Championship title in the men`s singles competition in Manchester 1997 and nearly 25 years after his winning at the Olympics in Barcelona 1992 and at the end of his unique career DONIC offers a re-edition of the blade of the Swedish table tennis legend. The 5-times glued offensive blade perfectly combines speed with control - just like Waldner`s game. The blade is perfectly balanced and is made with specially selected veneers (Ayous, Scandinavian pine and Limba) that combine to create a unique feeling. Just as the original edition, the shape of the blade is slightly different to the usual DONIC blade shape and is more slender and oval.

This blade completely presents Jan-Ove`s unique and distinctive style. Waldner Offensive 2016: The legend lives on.

The bat will be fully and professionally assembled for you at no extra cost (including Donic edge tape), so it's ready to use when you receive it.


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