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Spinlord Dornenglanz III - new and improved!


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Dornenglanz III

Now we can offer you the improved version of the Dornenglanz III: It is much better for playing block balls than the first version. We also think the new version is a bit faster than the old version; therefore we increased the speed rating from 2.5 to 3.

Otherwise, there is almost no difference between the old and the new version, and both versions also look 100% identical.

We will therefore also not continue to sell the first version with immediate effect.

The rubber compound of the Dornenglanz III contains many artificial polymers that make the surface both softer and more elastic than all other long pimples we offer. In addition, the Dornenglanz III is very tacky.

The (by the way very sturdy) pimples themselves are a little wider than those of the other long pimples from SpinLord. The distance between the pimples is average. The pimples have a cylindrical shape with a small conical reinforcement on the pimples bottom. The pimples tops are ribbed.

The speed of the Dornenglanz III is comparable to the speed of the Lion Claw, which means that the Dornenglanz III is noticeably slower than the previously available long pimples from SpinLord. In direct comparison to the Lion Claw, the Dornenglanz III plays completely different due to its incomparably higher elasticity and the softer rubber compound. It is much more versatile and the ball flight curve is shorter and more dangerous.

The Dornenglanz III is especially suitable for playing at the table, as it is primarily made for an active and aggressive style of playing. The improved version we now sell is also superb for playing block balls (active and passive). Regarding block balls it now very similar to the Zeitgeist, while regarding other strokes it is more effective than this rubber. So overall, the Dornenglanz III in ox now can be rated as an improved version of the Zeitgeist.

Even in ox, classical undercut defense is quite possible and also dangerous.

In the version with a sponge,  the undercut defense gets to be even more effective, so the version with sponge is a good option for classic defenders. Also, the version with sponge is hardly faster than the ox version (but the control is a little bit lower). However, for playing block balls the Dornenglanz III with sponge is much weaker than the version without sponge.

The sponge by the way is a very slow and soft sponge "Made in China". So overall the Dornenglanz III in 1,0 mm is still slower than other long pimple rubbers in ox.

The Dornenglanz III can be easily combined with almost all blades.

As with almost all SpinLord rubbers, the control values of the Dornenglanz III are very high.  Therefore, the Dornenglanz III is also very suitable for players in lower leagues.

Actually, we think that mainly players who have played the Zeitgeist, or rather similar rubbers like the Stachelfeuer, before, will love the new version of the Dornenglanz III. Also, players who think the Dornenglanz is good, but a bit too difficult to play, should try this rubber.

  • Speed: 3
  • Control: 4.5
  • Deception: 9.5
  • Colors: red + black
  • Sponges: ox (no sponge)
  • Type of rubber: Long Pips
  • Made in: China
  • Sponge hardness (our rating): ca. 35 - 38 degrees
  • Sponge color: cream (white)
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