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xiom Ice Cream AZX PRO


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Outer Ice cream for professional players
OUTER Composite
The larger head size and grip specifically requested by Jeoung Youngsik raises a special attack power of AZX to the limit. A bigger and heavier blade head creates a stronger and sharper attack.
KATAPULT 9.7     BALL GRAB 8.3     VIBRATION 6.9     SPEED 8.3     PREZEISION 7.7
PLY   5+2
mm   5.7
LENGTH   160
WIDTH   152
MADE IN   Korea
accessories brown color image-S14L45
Two super fiber materials in one blade. The Xiom blade R&D team succeeded in developing two different layers of special material in one blade for XIOM STARS player Jeoung Youngsik, who has a unique play style. The 'Axylium + X-Carbon' layer with good elasticity and ball drag and the 'Zephylium + X-Carbon' layer with sensuous control and ball rotation are arranged on both sides to have a special structure. This new-concept hybrid blade unique to Xiom has been given the unique name of 'Ice cream', meaning fresh taste that has never been experienced before.
Jeoung Youngsik
XIOM STARS member / Korean National Team Player
"I enjoy studying and analyzing all the matches. It is my own method to use different blades depending on the players, tables, balls of each competition. The Ice cream blade series has different materials on the front and back, so I think it really suits my strategy and play style. I would like to recommend my blade to players who are always analyzing and studying matches strategically."
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