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Donic Formula First - Rubber Glue


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Donic Formula First Glue

The DONIC Formula First is the ideal glue to apply all kinds of table tennis rubber sheets to the blade, especially the DONIC Formula rubber sheets with their high tension and speed glue effect. Perfect adhesion is achieved with DONIC Formula First. This water-based glue contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and comply with the new ITTF regulations for table tennis glue. Made in Germany

Application: Apply the glue evenly on blade and rubber sheet. After approx. 5 minutes apply the rubber to the blade using a press roll. If possible store the glue in a cool place.

Note: It is recommended to seal the blade using the Donic Blade Lacquer before gluing. This will not only help protect your blade, but also offers better adhesion.

Note: On some rubbers a second layer of glue is required to achieve good adhesion. If the sponge feels completely dry and non-sticky after the first layers has dried, apply a second layer.


Nanda Jayasinghe
5 of 5 Stars
This is an excellent product which applies all types of rubber sheets to any blade.You can spread this glue evenly and quickly on the blade and on the rubber sheets as well without making any mess.This is noticeable when you glue your used rubber sheets to any blade.You do not have to wait even 5 minutes since this glue dries very quickly.Removal of the rubber sheet is also easy and this can be done without damaging the rubber sheet and the surface of the blade.


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