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802-40 Attacking pip - Spec Super Soft Pro Version


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Friendship 802-40 short pimple rubber

Friendship 802-40 Powerful Attacking short pimple rubber is the Special Super Soft PRO version.

The  true HAMMER of short pips. This product is suitable for close to the table hitters and power blockers. Very large conical shaped pips, tops are cross checked and rubber is hard and spinney. This is a special production of 35 degree soft sponge. This sponge has solved the control problems of original 802-40 rubbers. The special 35degree adds to spin and also gives this hitting pip some much needed touch.

Ratings (out of 10):

  •     Speed: 9++
  •     Spin: 9
  •     Control: 9+ 

Note1: Just to avoid any confusion, the pimples on this rubber are not shaped like pyramids as shown on the cover of the rubber. The pimples are very wide with tapered edges and a cross-checked surface.

Note2: Two different types of packaging, both pictured above. Both are the same with the Pro 35deg sponge.


Sam Barnes
5 of 5 Stars
I have tried many short pimpled rubbers (namely Staccato, Spectol, Tango) and this does it all. Brilliant for counter hitting, decent for spinning, and with enough effect when blocking. The best part? It's 1/4 of the price of those other rubbers! A real winner.


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