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Xiom MUV 9.0S (pre-made) Bat FL

Sean M.
Very pleased with this bat, which I have named Nadia. Nadia and I have made such light work of my colleagues, that many have followed suit and bought the same bat with similar (but, in any event, less) success....

Darker Speed 90 9mm one ply Kiso Hinoki (made in Japan)

Josh b.
I ordered this blade a week or so ago and it finally arrived yesterday, loaded with Tenergy 05 2.1 on both sides. I was amazed by how easy the blade handled the ball. Short drop shot returns, slow spin, fast spin, control when I needed this. I thought that the ball would fly off the bat but I was in complete control.

I played in the league yesterday with this new bat and had no problems with my opponent, I did not drop a single game, It was a most enjoyable experience.

I must admit that when I was much younger I player the Jonyer H 1 - 9 blade so I had an idea of what the blade was capable of. A few years ago I ordered a H 1 - 9 one ply hinoki wood blade from Ireland but the blade I just purchased is by far superior.

If you can afford the extra money and lets not forget a blade is for life then it is well worth purchasing it. I will probably purchase a reserve blade shortly....

Re-Impact Dream blade

Trev G.
Awesome blade, superb control paired with 802/40 backhand and Spinlord Tiger.

Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC FL

Alex v.
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LKT TOXIC 3 TACTICAL Blade - Super Defensive!

Ziggy Y.
The shape looks unique. However, after tried it out surprise with the performance. Fit the right rubber thickness no more than 1.6mm and is good for chop, block, push & smash and most important, good control. If you try 2.2mm thickness, get ready for super springy effect, well such thickness great for speed on FH/BH, no control. Overall, its a very good blade. Going for the 2nd order....

TSP Spectol 21 Offensive Sponge

Andrew P.
Suitable for close-to-table speed play. Suggested reading: Drew Ogden's "How to dominate with short pips" ebook

See World Champion Wang Tao matches on youtube (eg against Persson and Waldner)

Wang Tao (CHN)
Avalox p700
FH: Globe 999
BH: TSP Spectol (spectol is intended for BH use, but Singapore's Li Jia Wei is an exception)

Why use SP21 rather than other short-pips:

1) Deceptive due to the pips shape. You can attack & deceive. Doesn't react as much to spin so easier to return loops

1) You can hit "knuckle-balls", the ball dropping off the blocker's bat

2) Against opponents who back off, easy to dropshot & play passive blocks, making the ball land short of the opponent

3) To really confuse opponents, you can mix up both passive and active blocks

4) You can return a spinny serve with the opponent's spin and added spin of your own, given good touch

5) With a combination bat & fast game, spin changes quickly, messing up opponents. They also don't have time to watch which rubber you're using, putting them under pressure


1) Plays like long pips (deceptive), but has cons of long: difficult to play against no-spin balls and not good at generating your own spin

2) The OFF is not fast, even in max on an offensive blade. Hard to get pace against slow balls Anything less than max is not suitable for attack

3) More difficult to learn because of its unusual properties. Not recommended for those wanting to cover a weakness.

4) Ball trajectory is almost linear: by having less spin you don't have the safety of spin from inverted

5) If your coach doesn't know about pips you might be better off with inverted

6) All pips have pros and cons. You have to know how to use them

7) Takes time to get used to. You'll need a big break between comp seasons. No quick fix to your game but an option many don't consider. Could change your whole playing style for the better

Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood (FL/ST)

james penhaligon
Been using this blade for 12 months. Its a little heavy, 88g, but the control and speed offering due to a little extra weight is brillant. Great for a close - mid table game, with evolution mx-s rubbers. Has a little flex, and very large sweat spot like a carbon blade. Soft feel, plays well with harder sponges, like chinese, vega pro, jp01 etc, The blade is perfectly balanced, so it feels lighter than it is. Perfect blade for most players. Needs a seal though, this blade should last the distance, 10 plus years....

Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX

syarif abdurrahman
happy britdays sister,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Re-Impact Swift 33

john wight
This blade is super light and combined with the right rubbers would probably make a great bat. Unfortunately i selected the wrong rubbers for this blade either that or ive seleceted the wrong blade. Its got too much pop and not alot of grip compared to a cheap blade with Hurricane 3 ive been using....

Darker Speed 90 9mm one ply Kiso Hinoki (made in Japan)

I have finally found the Holy Grail of all table tennis blades. From now on I will not be using anything else other than this. It is now my ONLY weapon of choice. This will also be my last purchase for as long as I have it.

After buying and selling a whole gamut of Butterfly blades (ZJK ALC & SZLC, GARAYDIA ZLC & Vizcaria), Andro Treiber Z, Nittaku Septear & Noveliar, I have now arrived at the final frontier.

Kiso Hinoki is legendary which is why you may notice that all of the blades I've used in the past have some sort of this wood being used in their construction.

When I found out that this blade was discontinued by Darker in 2014, due to the severe shortage of premium quality Kiso Hinoki, I immediately purchased three (3x) from the OOAK Shop as they managed to secure one final shipment.

Everything that's been said about this blade is 100% TRUE. No amount of R&D that Butterfly will ever spend on the latest greatest cutting edge carbon can ever replace the FEELING that you get from a Darker Speed 90 in your hand.

This blade is highly dynamic, offering great touch and slow speed at low impact and huge power with high spin at high impact. The optimized thickness and shape provides a highly stable blade with the largest sweet-spot of any blade in existence covering the ENTIRE face of the blade and producing virtually ZERO vibrations.

Because of that this blade is tremendously confidence inspiring when paired up with the right combination of rubbers. Impossible to place shots I weren't able to make before are now more powerful, more spinnier and more accurate. During open ups I am now the aggressor versus being stuck in an endless game of pushing and chopping - so annoying!

My search is finally over and I am so glad I was able to secure a final shipment before these rare species finally gone extinct. Currently using Nittaku Fastarc C-1 on the FH and Nittaku Alhelg on the BH. I may experiment with Fastarc P-1s & Tenergys n d future but right now its perfect!...

LKT TOXIC 3 TACTICAL Blade - Super Defensive!

Stephen Barnes
I took a chance on this blade for a hardbat set up with 802 both sides and it works every bit as well as I hoped it would. The slowness of the blade gives enough dwell for service spin, yet it is still punchy enough for flat hitting. Control with this blade is superb in the short game and also for soft or chop blocking. Delivered to England in 5 days, BRAVO!!!...

DONIC Waldner OFF World Champion 89 - German-made! (FL/ST)

Paul Glassenbury
After playing for approx 25 years and using a variety of blades, I don't think I have ever used a bat with this much speed but with amazing control. It truly has gears! When playing an agressive stroke, this feels definitely quicker than my Persson Dotec blade and my Burn OFF-. Yet, when pushing or attempting a drop shot or simply blocking it has amazing feel and control and I found myself putting balls into the net more than I expected. The blade definitely has a soft feel but combined with my Bluefire M2 rubber seems perfectly suited for an aggressive player who also has the ability for an around game....

Hellfire - high disruption and high control long pimple

Excellent Long Pimples!,I tried many Long Pimples before but Hellfire is for me undoubtedly the best.Slow,controllable,very deceptive,intense spin reversal.I had a improvement of my whole game after this rubber,Better in Allround Blades With soft touch, the control is total!All is good except the packaging picture,this must be changed....

Donic Persson Dotec OFF. unique handle

Noel Burns
Used with Copra X1 turbo platin F/H and Copra X2 platin soft ..2mm Very happy with it has great feel with the grip cork handle which seems to have improved my touch and feel. As the reviews have stated great short game and defence. Has a lot more control then I thought, better than my old bat. With correct technique has a good offense special on serves. The catapult effect is great once you get used to it. Not as spiny as I thought but this could be down to my poor technique, I trend to have a lazy wrist. I will be interested in how it plays against full on spin player , but hoping the softer rubber will provide more control on return by cushioning the ball....

Spinlord BlitzSchlag OX - highly disruptive long pimple

Bjarne Freund-Poulsen
Blitzschlag is a super all-round lp, but its greatest strength is near the table on blocks and aggrasive attacks...

Donic Persson Dotec OFF. unique handle


Friendship - Blackwhirlwind wooden Blade

Kees Glimmerveen
Even if it is marked as defensive by Friendship, this is a true allround blade. Slightly slow according to Chinese standards, it is actually slightly faster than the standard allround European blade, Stiga Allround. It is also slightly less flexible, but not as rigid as most Friendship blades, which means it will support European type rubbers quite well. Still, it is hard enough to provide maximum reversal on anti-spin rubbers and long pimples-out rubbers, and its speed is suitable for those rubbers too, so in this respect it truly is a defensive blade. It is best used with soft to medium hard LKT or Friendship rubbers. Light-weight antispin rubbers such as Juic Neo-anti or Tobhar Ellen Def combine vbery well with this blade in moderate thickness (1.5 mm)....

TSP REFLEX 50 Award Offensive (FL/ST)

Andrew Pape
This blade is excellent. It's expensive but well worth the money. I have been experimenting often with TT equipment during the last few years, and have spent a lot of money. When I first used it this blade, I thought it may be too slow. Although it's labelled as "offensive", it's nowhere near as fast as other bats I've used. Each company is different in their bat speed ratings, however, so it's hard to know what to buy.

I have used fast pimples on the TSP blade, and found that I could smack winners so fast that the opponent had no time to react. At the same time, I can play a short game. That's the best balance I've found. The bat is well manufactured, not too heavy or light, and not top-heavy, plus there is plenty of dwell time.

I have recently experimented with rubbers, now using an inverted Tensor rubber on the forehand, rather than the fast short pips. The bat is even faster now. It's still easy to hit winners (either flat or loop-kills), but I can play the short game with it too. I think I may have the perfect blade. Just by choosing suitable rubbers, the blade would suit most players. I play an all-round attacking game, based more on speed than spin, and yet this bat has been described as excellent for loopers. So whether you hit or loop, you can't go wrong. If you want the maximum in power, you may be tempted to play with a fast carbon blade, but then you'll lose dwell-time and are likely to hit every ball off the table.

Overall, this is the best blade I've tried, and I have no reason to buy any more....

Donic Formula First - Rubber Glue

Nanda Jayasinghe
This is an excellent product which applies all types of rubber sheets to any blade.You can spread this glue evenly and quickly on the blade and on the rubber sheets as well without making any mess.This is noticeable when you glue your used rubber sheets to any blade.You do not have to wait even 5 minutes since this glue dries very quickly.Removal of the rubber sheet is also easy and this can be done without damaging the rubber sheet and the surface of the blade....

Darker Speed 90 9mm one ply Kiso Hinoki (made in Japan)

Charbel Abou-Jawde
i have to try..I am looking for the fastest blade in this game..

DHS Hurricane 2 (NEO) - factory tuned! (legal)

David Brown
Had my second night of comp play with H2 Neo last night and all is good. very impressed and getting more impressed. My game is evolving back to hi-spin hook shots now that Neo provides the extra spin where H2 Olde was more a flat driving rubber.

Came up against one opponent with Bryce rubbers both sides and I felt H2 Neo performed just as well if not better.

Second opponent used Tenergy 64 and used it well. He beat my number 1 partner. I usually only beat this guy when he's got pneumonia. I went down in 3 straight but was competitive and felt my speed and spin off the bat matched his. Just a pity my ability didn't. The sod counter overhead smashed my chop smash from 4 metres back and got it in!!!! There should be a law against that! Chop smashes are generally un-returnable. But it was an enjoyable game.

Will try H3 Neo soon but not sure what to marry it with or what blade to use. Decisions, decisions.


Dr EVIL ox, Deceptive spin changing short pimples

David Brown
I luv Dr Evil and used it on and off for past 4 years. Often thought it was the name alone - but have never found a better pimple rubber and been there an tried a few.
- Hate long pimple. Its so negative - just block and block - boring!

I like something I can drive, loop or hook with. DrE is not that flash for loop or hook but..... drive is awesome when you drive hard and deep against chop or light top spin.

But therein lies DrE's archiles heel. Like all short pip, med pip or long pip, it struggles against good heavy fast top spin from modern rubbers. It can't reverse all the spin - so if you get an incoming hi-spun topspin hook shot, you're in deep doo-doo. Drop back and chop is about the only option and I don't like chopping. But other's do.

I used DrE as an anti-junk bat weapon. Whenever I cam across contrast bats I used DrE to give them the irates. Luved the look on their faces when I was able to DrE them. And I used to do it quite well.

I would take pity on hi-spin players and offer to swap to hi-spin bat after first game had demoralised them. They usually accepted my kind offer, and then I would outspin them with Hurricane 3.

I used DrE with no sponge on backhand side and thin sponge on forehand side. The sponge on FH allowed me to hit loop shots where previously I was unable to loop. Being a hot swapper from Hurricane 3 bat, I need some consistency on loop. DrE is very radically different to H3 hi-spin game.

Hot swapping caused me some issues. I found I could hot swap to DrE reasonably quickly but had to limit my time exposure there otherwise it upset my hi-spin game. Best to time the matches right so I finished the night on DrE - then sleep it off.

stopped using DrE around 2007 when he let me down against a similar junk bat where proponent knew how to use it. since then, I've learnt how to attack junk bats with hi-spin so haven't used DrE until.....

Last week, I made a new DrE combo bat:
- no sponge for BH side (same as before);
- Flextra on the FH side.
Have only had a short hit with to date but the theory is the loop and hi-ish-spin from Flextra should give a better impact than DrE+sponge.

DrE+sponge used to be effective and maintain a bit of deception but not as much as DrE without sponge.

More recently than last week - I'm thinking to replace the Flextra rubber with H3 Neo. I use H2 Neo on a carbon blade at moment and suspect H3 will be great with DrE.

My goal is to try out DrE contrast bat against young guns using extreme fast rubbers. Maybe it will upset their rhythm...maybe not?


DHS Hurricane 2 (NEO) - factory tuned! (legal)

David Brown
Very impressed with H2Neo. For past 5 years, I’ve been a H3 player but find them hard and painful when new. Seen that others re-glue them to soften them up. I found letting them age 3 months worked ok for me. But that’s history now.

In winter’10, for something different, I tried H2 Olde on a slow blade. This worked well for me. Whilst I lost side spin on hook shots and loop, my drives improved, chop was reliable and smash worked. My game improved overall.

This season, I tried Tuple 007 / F1 on a slowish blade and found the Tuple was a good control rubber with better side spin than H2. But F1 was a pain to control and cost me errors. After a few weeks, I gave up and went to H2Neo on a Yin He T2 carbon blade. I’ve used this blade before with H3 rubbers to good effect – tossing the hook shot up with a high arc off both FH & BH.

Last night was my first foray into comp with the H2Neo rubbers and it worked well despite too many overhits. Hopefully the overhits mellow as I adapt to the rubber but initial comments are:
- Definitely a lo-arc hook shot with great sidespin. Lowest I’ve ever hooked.
- Loop is good but good players were able to hit it.
- Chop was good but not as controlled as H2 Olde on slow blade.
- Drives were at risk of overhit – might need to use more blocks.
- Smash – untried due to lack of opportunity – but I think it will be ok.

Interestingly, after the comp, I tried a mate’s Tenergy 05 / Andro Impuls speed setup.

The Impulse Speed was lo-arc and played very much like H2 Neo. There was little adaption from H2 Neo to Impulse speed.

This was my first hit with Tenergy rubber and wasn’t shock or awed by it. I would say the H2 Neo was giving as much or better side spin. I was putting a lot of Tenergy hooks into the net as its not lo-arc. It wasn’t till third game I started tossing the Tenergy up higher at slower speed and letting it drop, bounce and spin. Then it started to feel good – but I used to do this with H3 on T2 blade, so nothing new.

I will try to do some hi-arc hook shots with H2Neo further back from the table and see how they go. I tend to fall into the trap of hitting hard up close to the table where my own side spin and top spin cause me errors. Probably why H2olde worked well for me coz there was less sidespin to haunt me. Must remember – hook or loop and back away for hi-arc topspin rally.


TSP REFLEX 50 Award Offensive (FL/ST)

Goran Brlek
This blade is really blade for loop and topspin play.dwell time is big ball comes off wery spiny but can play passive game with easy.rubbers on my one are TSP triple 21. offensive sponge on back and Avalox Pronte on forehand.I must say that for first time since I play table tennis and try a hips of blades and rubbers this is combo taht feels perfect for my style from the moment I start playing with it.No meter wat is service,loop topspin blocking even is easy to chop the ball.Plenty speed and to me moast important spin is fantastic....

TSP REFLEX 50 Award Offensive (FL/ST)

I have purchased several blades to try and find one I really liked. It's easy to read reviews and think "oh yes" this is just what I need. But until you use the product it's hard to know. This can be a costly exercise.
The balance , weight and feel are very nice. I don't believe I will ever need another blade. Combine this with an offensive or an allround rubber , I have JUIC nano and Nittaku Hammond (gone for offensive back and forehand) yet control is great , speed is good. Some superb loop play and generally topspin play (for me).
This blade is quite simply sweet. It is expensive but at least I have stopped buying blades - so in effect its cheap :) You can feel the ball and are in-touch with your shots. Certainly recommend this to anyone....

729 RITC 804 Anti-Spin

Benjamin Vautier
Thought I would add. The sponge is HRS medium soft.

729 RITC 804 Anti-Spin

Benjamin Vautier
I just used this rubber new today and was very happy with it on my BH. I don't think that this rubber with a 1.5mm sponge can be called a 'real' anti rubber because the spin reversal is not that strong and the speed is quite high. Having said that it suite my style of play very well.
It has very good control, as well as good speed. Blocking and returning heavy spin serves is nearly effortless.

I think that if you want a 'real' anti effect and a slow things down a little you would have to go with a 1mm or a 0.6mm sponge. With a 1.5mm sponge this rubber can be played as an allround rubber....

729 FX Lightening - light with outstanding control and spin

Benjamin Vautier
I bought this rubber at first to use on my BH, with a Focus II on my FH.
I could not block heavy loops properly with this sponge on my BH, because it would 'catapult' the ball over the table. (My blocking technic on my BH isn't the best either...)
However, I started playing this rubber on my FH and everything changed. I have the 2.0 mm sponge and am very happy with it. It has good control (I can block heavy loops with it on my FH), but also a lot of speed. I have found that I can play the ball flat and it responds very well, even with a lot of incoming top spin. It is also good at looping. Overall this is a good quality rubber that delivers a good all round experience....

729 FX Lightening - light with outstanding control and spin

Ji-Soo Woo
Having picked up table tennis again after a 20 year break, I've been trying to settle on a good combination for myself. Forehand rubber should be spinny but with good control. After trying out a number of inverted rubbers, all promising 'outstanding' spin and control, I've decided FX Lightening is the one that lives up to its billing.

This rubber has fantastic control. It is hardly tacky at all, but it generates more spin than all my other tacky rubbers with mechanical spin. To take full advantage of this you need fast racquet speed and I would suggest using a light blade (it works a dream with Donic Cayman). Practicing 'brushing loops' against my coach, this was the only rubber that could trouble him. The lack of tackiness is really only an issue when it comes to generating spin on serve, but it can still do well with proper technique.

With the soft sponge, the racquet has excellent dwell time and gives you a real feel for every shot....

LKT/KTL Pro XT (1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2)

Andrew Cavanagh
This is a very good rubber.

Sponge is VERY light and soft.

Low throw without glue.

Low/medium throw with glue.

Without glue the control is fantastic...especially blocking...it seems almost impossible to miss.

Top sheet is slightly tacky.

So it's like playing with a tacky Friendship top sheet with a soft light sponge underneath.

Great for spin play and counterattacking play.

At the price this is really worth trying....

DHS Hurricane 2

Lee Rogers
Hard and fast sticky chinese rubber.

Very offensive attacking rubber with abilty to put both speed and spin on ball with fine skill.

World number 1 Wang Liqin uses this rubber.

To control this spin wise you need refined and fine skill. You'd prob need to play 'at least' 2 times a week to control this thing with consistency, especially if like to use spin. So hard and fast that it is very hard to control spin wise on faster blade....

729 GeoSpin Tacky (1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2)

Goran Brlek
Well I have try this one before and was to slow for me.I like the extrem tackynese but just to slow I had to put all the power my self to get a litle bit of speed.
This time I got this rubber and before I glued I aply Juic sponge expender 2 left it for 6 hours and then speed glued with Dawei speed glue.This has change this rubber from slow to wery lovely dinamic rubber not the fast killer mashine just litle bit faster then without all aplications great for serving,pushes.flicks everithing that needs a lots of spin.Little bit hard for smashes but wery good for beckhend.Wery happy this time with geospin tacky.I think if this top sheet would be combined with japanise MRS sponge that would be an awsome combination....

DHS Hurricane 3

Raymond Ho
I use H3 commercial versions 2.2mm on F/H & B/H with a butterfly all-round 5 ply blade. I'm at an intermediate level.
I do not glue.
Added a lot to my spin serves using a bit of wrist.
Looping and driving at moderate pace goes where I want.
Increase speed with a lot of body behind seems to go up a gear or two, receivers get caught with extra bit on it.
i'm not a big chopper but does this well.
Lobbing is a bit of an effort.
Seems to be able block any incoming top/side spin shot fast or slow and gets it back with no fuss.
Good for counter hitting.
Sticky top sheet attracts dirt, need to keep it clean , (sometimes the ball would drop down to the table, not sure if dirt or inconsistant in rubber? or me)
Great buy for performance vs price....

729 GeoSpin Tacky (1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2)

Lee Rogers
Good for loop driving and attacking. Great control. Has great spin potential and speed ok when you add the power. Offensive at near table and allround at behind table. A very good rubber.

Just don't put this rubber on clunky and vibrating blade. This rubber is suited for a "smooth feeling" blade.

The black is much more sticky than the red.

Very good with speed glue....

DHS Hurricane 3

Lee Rogers
All the top chinese shakehanders in the world use this rubber on forehand.

Wang Liqin, Hao Shuai, Chen Qi, Lui Gouzeng and probably many of the skakehanders below them in China use it.

If you want to or are prepared to: "open up, swing and rip on forehand and dictate/control in an offensive manner with top spin loops and attacks" then this is superb. Great spin and serve....

729 FX (1.0/1.5/1.8/2.0)

Lee Rogers
Great beginner choice and allround rubber. It is not super fast but over the table it is great with super touch spin with super control....

729 FX (1.0/1.5/1.8/2.0)

Sam Barnes
The original and the best. Excellent spin, hard (42ish degree) sponge with good feeling. Excellent for driving, hitting, spin-based looping and serving....

802-40 Attacking pip - Spec Super Soft Pro Version

Sam Barnes
I have tried many short pimpled rubbers (namely Staccato, Spectol, Tango) and this does it all. Brilliant for counter hitting, decent for spinning, and with enough effect when blocking. The best part? It's 1/4 of the price of those other rubbers!

A real winner....

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