About Us

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last 20 years or so, testing table tennis gear. I do this because I love the sport and get great enjoyment out of testing new equipment, to see how it’s different and where it’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Since we started up the OOAK Table Tennis Shop here in Adelaide in the early 2000’s, the amount of equipment I have access to has been growing fast, as the shop continues to expand it’s range and brands.

It’s 2018 now (at the time of writing), and the shop has grown to be distributor of virtually all the major brands. This includes top Japanese brands like Butterfly, Victas, TSP, Yasaka, Darker, leading European brands like Donic, Tibhar, Joola, Avalox and Stiga, but also some highly specialised brands like Dr Neubauer, Re-Impact and Spinlord. Of course we also carry the popular Chinese brands like DHS, 729 Friendship, YinHe, and also brands like Xiom and Newgy.

I plan to use this site not only to review a lot of the equipment I’ve tried, but also keep readers up to date with some of the more special products that may be worth checking out. Having access to such a wide variety of equipment, also enables me to write about the consistency products, and which products sell well with customers and players. Something like the ‘top 10 selling blades’ or rubbers is always popular, or the ‘most consistent blades’ can be interest.

Many of us that have a keen interest in equipment, also know that there is some skill involved in finding the right rubber to suit certain blades.  So I’d also like to write about custom table tennis bats, and which combinations work particularly well.

I invite and encourage everyone to add their own thoughts and reviews to these pages as well, as more opinions only enhance the value of the reviews and information. Hope you get some value out of this blog.



Yours in Table Tennis, Alex