Interview with Min Hyung Jee – Australia #1 Table Tennis Player 2018/19!

Min Hyung Jee

Min Hyung Jee has been Australia’s #1 ranked Women’s player since 2018, winning the 2018 Australian National Championship, and defended her title again in 2019. A former Korean National player, Australia is very lucky to have a player of her high calibre joining the circuit, and will help raise the level and profile of Australian table tennis. Read more

Interview with DHS (Double Happiness) – Table Tennis Equipment

DHS Champions logo

Double Happiness (a.k.a. DHS) was establish in 1959 in Shanghai, China, and is by far the biggest manufacturers of table tennis equipment in China, and one of the biggest in the world. The Chinese National Table Tennis Players, sponsored by DHS and using mainly DHS equipment, have dominated the sport for many years, and continue to win almost all the major championships. Read more

Interview with Xiom

Xiom Table Tennis

Xiom , the biggest and most famous Korean table tennis manufacturers, produces a wide range of high quality and professional table tennis equipment, suitable for beginners all the way up to the elite levels. Most of their blades are made in Japan, Korea or China, whereas the majority of their rubbers made in Germany. Read more

Interview with Re-Impact

Re-Impact is a custom table tennis blade manufacturer based in Germany. They specialise in ultra light balsa blades, that offer unique playing abilities for specialist styles, while minimising strain and impact on the joints. Most blades played quite different on forehand and backhand, allowing you to optimise for certain rubbers, like pimples or anti-spin, and giving you optimum control over the pace of the game. Read more

Interview with Dr Neubauer

Dr Herbert Neubauer

The range of Dr Neubauer products became famous for their frictionless long pimple rubbers, a unique and highly innovative product used by players worldwide. Since the frictionless long pimples ban by the ITTF, Dr Neubauer has remained a leader in alternative rubbers and blades, that allows player to continue playing a similar style. Read more

Interview with Avalox

Avalox Avallo AVX

I first came to know about the Avalox table tennis brand through the reputation of some of their blades, which were used by several former World Champions. Through my involvement with the OOAK table tennis shop as one of the few Avalox distributors, I got to know Mr Koay, a former Malaysian National player and coach, and the Managing Director of Avallo AVX, the makers of the Avalox and AVX brands. Read more