Min Hyung Jee wins 2019 National Championships – TSP equipment

Min Hyung Jee

Min Hyung Jee defended her title of the Australian National Champion, by beating Jian Fang Lay 4-0 in the final on Saturday April 13th 2019. She remained undefeated through the Championship, and retains the #1 rated woman in Australia. Min Hyung Jee is sponsored by TSP via OOAK Table Tennis Shop, and uses a TSP blade and pimple rubber, combined with an inverted Tibhar rubber. Read more

Table Tennis Shoes – why the right shoes can benefit your game and prevent injury

table tennis shoes

Can the right table tennis shoes really give you en edge to your game, or is it just about looks and comfort? Do you need proper table tennis shoes, or will sneakers or running shoes suffice? What advantages do table tennis shoes offer? Read more

Where is table tennis most popular in Australia?

Registered table tennis players in Australia

Have you ever wondered which region in Australia has the highest number of  table tennis players? After a little research, I found some stats in the 2017 annual report from Table Tennis Australia, and decided to put them in a little interactive map, as shown below. Read more