Where is table tennis most popular in Australia?

Registered table tennis players in Australia

Have you ever wondered which region in Australia has the highest number of  table tennis players? After a little research, I found some stats in the 2017 annual report from Table Tennis Australia, and decided to put them in a little interactive map, as shown below.

The interactive map shows the number of registered players, which are table tennis players that engage in formal competition in Australia. Hover over the state/territory of interest, and it will show you the numbers.

Of course there are a LOT more players that play table tennis that are not registered with their state or national association, but it’s fair to assume that the total numbers of players is likely to be proportional to these numbers. Table tennis is popular in homes, schools and work places, and there would be very few people in Australia who have never actually played the game.
Australian table tennis playersSo are the actual number of active players 10 times or 100 times the number of registered players? Very hard to know but hopefully I can find some further stats of participation numbers, and when I do, I’ll make a similar map.
From the map it’s obvious Victoria is the most popular state for table tennis. Queensland and NSW are second and third, followed by SA.
Although the player numbers were in decline for several decades, it the last 5 years or so, I have seen a reversal in this trend, and player numbers seem to be picking up again, which is great!
Do you have any useful stats related to table tennis in Australia? I’d love to hear from you!
Table Tennis Player numbers in Australia
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Table Tennis Player numbers in Australia
An interactive map that shows the registered table tennis player numbers in Australia, based on the latest stats from table tennis Australia.
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