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Victas Sponsorship Australia

Victas is a relatively new table tennis brand, evolved from TSP, and created by Japanese table tennis legend Koji Matsushita. Victas is passionate about table tennis, and is willing to give something back to the sport in Australia via sponsorship of 3 players. Of course they would like to expand their brand in Australia, but instead of advertising like most brands do, a sponsorship offer is far more beneficial to the players and the sport. OOAK Shop is the Victas / TSP distributor for Australia, and will run the sponsorship program. The offer is open to Australian players only.

The offer:

For the players accepted for sponsorship, you will receive the following free of charge for the 1 year sponsorship:

  • 8 sheets of rubbers (choice of TSP Super Ventus, TSP pimples or any Victas rubbers)
  • 2 blades of your choice from the TSP or Victas range
  • Free assemble & edge tape from OOAK Shop (if required)
  • 4 shirts and shorts of the Victas brand

TSP table tennis AustraliaWhat’s required from you:

You agree to the following:

  • You will use your chosen TSP/Victas equipment for all your formal competition and tournaments
  • You will wear your Victas shirt/short for all formal events, unless the event prohibits you from wearing it (like some team events)
  • You keep us up to date of your table tennis progress and results, and any pictures when you win something in an event
  • You allow us to post your player profile (including a picture of your choice) on our websites
  • You allow us to post about you victories or progress on our website(s)
  • After you’ve adjusted to your new equipment, you will write a few paragraphs about how you like the equipment, and allow us to use this to promote the product.
  • If you’re happy with your Victas / TSP equipment, share it with your friends


What we look for in applicants:

  • highly motivated table tennis players that are very active in the sport, train hard to improve, and play the majority of the major tournaments. You do not need to be a high level player.
  • players that show good sportsmanship in every aspect of the sport.
  • players that show pride in the Victas/TSP brand and the equipment they use.

It’s important both for Victas and the player, that this sponsorship deal is successful. If Victas Japan can see that their brand is getting more exposure in Australia, and their products become more popular, they will very likely continue or even expand the sponsorship arrangement.


What helps to include in your application:

  • a brief player profile (tell us a little about yourself)
  • some details of recent tournaments and results
  • what tournaments you’re planning to play in the next 12 months.
  • any ranking you might have, either locally or elsewhere.
  • any examples of good sportsmanship
  • equipment you’re currently using


How do I apply?

Send an Email with your application to OOAK Table Tennis Shop, Email: Entries for this year close at 5th Aug 2018.



Q: Do I need to sign a formal contract?

A: No, the sponsorship is a ‘gentleman’s agreement’, where both parties trust each other to do the right thing.

Q: Are there any issues if I’m under 18?

A: If you’re under 18, we will need something in writing from your parents, indicating that the sponsorship terms are acceptable to them.

Q: Will the sponsorship be extended after 1 year?

A: This is a new initiative from OOAK shop and Victas. If it proves to be beneficial for Victas (the brands becomes more popular), and the player shows he/she is a good ambassador for the sport and brand, the sponsorship will very likely continue. It may also lead to further sponsorship offers, so more players can benefit.

Q: Can I choose just one type of blade & rubbers, or can I choose a variety?

A: You may choose whichever blades or rubbers you wish, but keep in mind that a single rubber may not last the whole year, so choosing a few sheets of your top choice may be preferable. You do need need to choose all items at once, allowing you to ‘try’ a few before you make your final decision.

Q: Will Victas/TSP have equipment suitable for my game and level?

Victas and TSP make a wide range of equipment of the absolute highest quality, so there is no doubt they will have something suitable for your style and level. Victas rubbers and blades are used by some of the top level professional, as well as numerous amateur players world wide, so the equipment is not going to hold back your game! OOAK Shop can help you select the most appropriate equipment.


Who are Victas?

koji matsushita and Koki Niwa
Mr Koji Matsushita and Victas sponsored player Koki Niwa

Japanese table tennis legend Koji Matsushita was an absolute legend in his time, enthusing his fans all over the world with his striving for the perfect game. The Japanese premium brand VICTAS has evolved from the famous brand TSP, and inspired by Koji‘s passion for perfection.

VICTAS stands for: Innovation – Quality -Passion.

Our mission is to develop products that will make every player better. If you are looking for a revolutionary brand with second-to-none commitment and passion for innovation (e.g. German-Japan-Technology, High-Energy-Tension, DSE, etc.), VICTAS will be the right choice. In order to meet our high product quality standards, our team of VICTAS experts in Japan and Europe is ready to face the challenge every single day. We live and work by the motto “Nothing but the very best will do”.

2 thoughts on “Victas Sponsorship Offer – players apply now!

  1. I play 7 days a week and run my own table tennis arena out of home , I currently play A reserve and am the only player undefeated this roster , I would love to talk further with you about this amazing opportunity 🙂 0413959322

  2. Dear
    My son is Alex Lee.
    He is currently a member of the National Squad.
    This August, he will participate as Australia representative in Oceania Junior tournament in Tonga.

    Representative performance.
      2015 Under 15 single silver medals, Team gold medals.
    2016 Under 15 single champion, Under 18 single silver medal, Team gold medal
    2018 Under 18 single champion, Team gold medal
    2019 Under 18 single silver medals, team gold medals.

    He will continue to play table tennis in the future and his dream is to participate in the Olympic or Commonwealth Games.
    I would appreciate it if you would be his sponsor for his dream.
    Thank you.

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