Butterfly Dignics 09C Review

This is a review of the new Butterfly Dignics 09C rubber, released in early 2020. Dignics 05 was released in early 2019, and followed by the release of  Dignics 80 and 64 later on in the year. This review briefly discusses how Dignics differs from the Tenergy series, and how the 09C is different from the others in the Dignics family. Read more

Newgy Robot digital controllers – make sure you get the right replacement

Newgy Digital Controller

The leading manufacturer of Table Tennis Robots, Newgy, have modified their models during the last few years. Firstly to accommodate the larger plastic (40+) balls, and secondly to update to a better servo to increase reliability. Controllers may not be interchangeable, so this guide will help you identify your model, to ensure you get the right replacement parts if required. Read more

Xiom Omega 7 Hyper and Vega X review

Xiom Omega VII Hyper and Vega X

Detailed review of the new rubbers from Xiom for 2020, the Omega 7 Hyper and the Vega X.

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Xiom Omega 7 Hyper Review

On initial inspection, it’s a bit different than the norm. Sure, it’s classic ESN/Xiom in many ways – packaging, great quality, black sponge and so on. Read more

Victas VJ > 07 Limber, Regular, Stiff, Sticky Extra Review and comparison

Victas VJ series Review

Victas released a new series of rubbers in 2019, called the VJ series. The VJ > 07 Limber, Regular and Stiff are made in Japan, the VJC is a combined Japan / China effort. This article reviews each rubber in detail, provides comparisons to other popular rubbers, and includes a summary of the player’s style and level that they’re suitable for. Read more

Interview with DHS (Double Happiness) – Table Tennis Equipment

DHS Champions logo

Double Happiness (a.k.a. DHS) was establish in 1959 in Shanghai, China, and is by far the biggest manufacturers of table tennis equipment in China, and one of the biggest in the world. The Chinese National Table Tennis Players, sponsored by DHS and using mainly DHS equipment, have dominated the sport for many years, and continue to win almost all the major championships. Read more

Table Tennis Shoes – why the right shoes can benefit your game and prevent injury

table tennis shoes

Can the right table tennis shoes really give you en edge to your game, or is it just about looks and comfort? Do you need proper table tennis shoes, or will sneakers or running shoes suffice? What advantages do table tennis shoes offer? Read more

Butterfly Joo SaeHyuk blade discontinued – best alternatives?

Butterfly Joo SaeHyuk blade

Unfortunately Butterfly Japan has announced that the famous modern defender blade, the Butterfly Joo SaeHyuk blade, has been discontinued, presumably since Joo retired in 2018. Although Butterfly may come up with an alternative or re-release it under a different name (they’ve done this before), there is no news on this as yet. Read more

Edge Tape for Table Tennis Bats – who needs it and which are best?

Some players use edge tape on their table tennis bats, some don’t. Do you really need edge tape? Is it purely cosmetic, or are there functional reasons for edge tape? Are there different types of edge tape? This article covers all these questions, so that you can decide what to use for your bat. Read more