Butterfly table tennis equipment – OOAK Shop’s extended range!

Butterfly table tennis equipment

OOAK Shop has greatly extended the range of Butterfly products, and now has the amongst the greatest variety in Australia. We carry a big range of Butterfly rubbers and blades, and an ever increasing range of accessories. Tenergy , blades and accessories, you’ll find our prices the lowest in Australia, and usually well below retail. Read more

Best Table Tennis Balls 2018

Table Tennis balls

This article summarises the different types of table tennis balls / ping pong balls available on the market in 2018. It compares the different characteristics of each type of ball, including spin, speed, bounce, kick, curve, durability and price, and makes recommendation of the balls that offer good performance at the most affordable price. Read more

Difference between red & black table tennis rubbers

red vs black table tennis rubbers

This article described the difference in properties between red and black table tennis rubbers. Although for some rubbers the difference is insignificant, for others there is a distinct difference that players can take advantage of. If you’re aware of the difference, you can decide which is the best option for your new custom table tennis bat. Read more

What does “ITTF Approved” mean?

ITTF Approved equipment

To ensure that table tennis equipment at the competition level is of the highest standard, and consistent among all the different brands, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has a strict set of quality and performance requirements, and will only grant approval if all the requirements are met. Read more

Table Tennis Bats / Rackets

Koki Niwa racket
So you’re in the market for the best table tennis racket, don’t want to spend a fortune on something fancy, but want something good that’s going to give you an advantage? This guide will help you make the right choice, and offer some recommendations that are great value, and should help advance your game.
Read more

Cheap table tennis bats

Cheap table tennis bats

Cheap table tennis bats are rarely any good, yet spending a lot of money does not guarantee a good bat. This article tell you how to find a decent bat at a budget price,  something you can use to have at least a half decent game of table tennis, so that you can upgrade to a better bat when you’re ready. Read more