Victas Koki Niwa Blade Review

Victas Koki Niwa table tennis blade

Without a doubt one of the most hi-tech blades on the market, the Victas Koki Niwa blade with 4 composite layers, each designed to optimise specific aspects of performance. The inner aramid carbon provide extra power and stability, whereas the highly elastic carbon fleece near the outer layer enhance feel and spin. Professional blade made by Victas, the Japanese maker of premium quality equipment.

Description from Victas:

The innovative DSE Blade Technology featuring the two built-in synthetic High-Tech fibres optimize energy transfer into the ball. This feature enables risky counter-topspins with an aggressive trajectory and extreme spin variations in serve-and-return situations.

The reinforced core ply combined with the power of the inner aramid carbon fibre is just perfect for fast mid-distance topspin rallies with optimized stability in extreme situations. The outer, very elastic Fleece Carbon provides for excellent feel and great spin development. VICTAS Koki Niwa is the ideal OFF blade for modern attackers.


Review by Paul Langley

Paul Langley (18x Australian Champion, 4x Oceania Champion, 1996 Olympian, International representative 1989 – 1999, No 1 and No 2 in Over 40’s in Australia in 2015 & 2016 respectively), current top veteran in SA, Adelaide):

The Victas Koki Niwa blade is an excellent blade that feels really well balanced when in hand.  The blade is a very stiff which makes touch play when close to the net a challenge however the power that the blade generates when back from the table is excellent which provides great depth penetration when in an attacking rally.  When in a spinning rally, the blade generates a good amount of spin (I use Tibhar MXP rubber max) whilst still maintaining a good solid feeling.

When close to the table attacking the blade is fantastic – it is very quick and solid with reasonable feeling.  The balls appear to come through quite quick with a low trajectory i.e fast and flat.

From a speed perceptive the blade is very quick – definitely not as quick as the Stiga Carbonado 290 but quicker than a lot of other blades currently on the market.  When blocking/punching the blade has a solid feeling which makes it a good blade for an all out attacking style of player.

In summary, the blade is a very good blade for the more advanced player with a good solid technique.  It is an aggressive feeling blade that enables strong drives from back of the table as well as fast and attacking play close to the table.


Blade information:

Koki Niwa uses the Victas Koki Niwa blade, with Victas V 15 extra rubbers on both sides.
Here you can see some of the magic Koki Niwa can do with a racket like this:

Blade details:

  • Weight: ~88g
  • Thickness: 5.7mm
  • Blade Size: 157 x 150mm
  • Style: OFF
  • RRP 20,000 Yen (approx AUD$250)

Koki Niwa (Winner 2010 Youth Olympic Games, World Juniors 2011, Russian Open 2014. Beat #1 Ma Long of China in 2012. World #12 Sept 2015).

Koki Niwa
Koki Niwa

Koki’s words on his choice of this equipment:

To win the actual game I chose this equipment without considering only spin or speed. When I used this equipment in the game I realized I could play the game without feeling uncomfortable. Compared to before I felt my performance had improved. What I like most about this equipment was is it resulted in an increase in rotational speed on the ball. I was also satisfied with the counter drive.  Blade:Victas Koki Niwa; Rubbers: Victas V>15 Extra. 2017

Here you can see Koki’s style in a game, playing the world #1 Ma Long:

Victas Koki Niwa Blade Close-up
Victas Koki Niwa
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Victas Koki Niwa table tennis blade
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