Alex Yeung

Alex Yeung Victas table tennisAlex Yeung from NSW

Alex Yeung has been a registered junior player at Table Tennis NSW since 2014. Alex has exhibited true passion and commitment to table tennis through his dedicated training with Table Tennis NSW coach Tony Lee. Alex was ranked No. 4 in Under 15 boys in Australia (Dec 2017) and No.5 in Under 18 Boys (March 2018) and No.13 in Under 21 (2019). Alex plays all the major tournaments in Australia, and his long-term goal in table tennis is to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games as well as the 2024 Olympic Games.

Alex Yeung Equipment:

Blade: Victas Koki Niwa

Rubbers: Victas V > 15 Extra


Alex Yeung discussion on Victas Equipment

I recently got back from a forty day training camp in Shanghai, which I used as an excellent opportunity to familiarise myself with the Victas equipment. Nonetheless, the rubber was an excellent change, and I found a lot more potential in the rubber than I did with my previous equipment. With my adjustment to the equipment now, I’ll provide my thoughts on the rubber and blade down below. I also recently received the good news that I was selected into the National Squad for 2019. This was one of my biggest goals and I’m very grateful for everyone who has supported me. I have attached some photos from the training camp below.

My thoughts on Victas V>15 Extra

Victas V>15 Extra is a high-performance rubber, easily competing and demonstrating strengths over its competitors. It suited my style perfectly which mainly involves standing mid-back further from the table. It was especially powerful on the forehand counter loop, where I could feel it ‘whip’ through the ball with explosive spin and speed, generating much better quality shots. On the backhand, it was similar to my former backhand rubber, ‘Yasaka Rakza 9’ but slightly softer so shots had much more spin and speed. Serving was not a hassle, easily generating much spin then I ever imagined. Overall, I am very happy with the overall performance of the rubber and will continue using this rubber throughout.

My thoughts on Victas Koki Niwa Blade

Upon picking up the blade, I noticed it was very light compared to my former blade. It was easy to manoeuvre and the handle was extremely easy to grip, didn’t need any sanding etc. The carbon worked very well, allowing extra speed to be generated. The blade worked very well with the rubber and shots were easy to manipulate. Overall, this blade is great all round, light, good grip and flexible.

Alex Yeung