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OOAK Table Tennis Shop

During Jan 2018 OOAK table tennis Shop had another website upgrade. The shop site was re-organised to reduce clutter and excess information to make it that much easier to browse and find what you’re after, especially if you’re after custom table tennis bats. We love to provide articles and information to help you make an informed choice, but it’s a fine balancing act between providing information and making things easier to find. Future articles and other useful information will be published in this blog instead of the shop website, which will hopefully help.

The upgrade also included making the site more secure, by running it under https. You’ll now see the lock st the top of your browser, meaning that all your information is encrypted and secure. The site also had speed enhancement, which would be particularly beneficial for those that browse on a phone or tablet.

In summary, the following changes were made, hope you find them beneficial:


Fast loading timesSpeed:

The site was optimised for speed, for both PC and tablets. This is important as not everyone has fast internet, and about 40% of current traffic comes from tablets/phones, which don’t usually have as fast a connection as fixed lines.

I think the shop website would have to be one of the fastest loading sites anywhere now, which should benefit everyone!



OOAK Shop Secure WebsiteSecurity:

The site has been upgraded to run fully on https, whereas before it was only running https for secure areas. This improves security as all the information to and from the website is encrypted, with the bonus of also running a little faster.

Now you no longer get warning that the site may not be fully secure… something that browsers have started displaying in recent times.



Organised shopMore Organised:

Sometimes we need to re-think what special things a shop actually offers and where your expertise lies. If you offer something unique and special, it’s worth highlighting, so if this is important to a customer, they’ll know they’ve come to  the right place.

As OOAK TT Shop we have more expertise in table tennis rubbers and blades than most others. Very few shops would do their own testing, and design their own rubber and blade combination. So I think where our specialty lies is in custom table tennis bats, as well as the less common table tennis rubbers, particularly pimple rubbers and antispin. So with this in mind, we re-organised the menus and also the related article to make this information easier to find. Some brief explanations to the different categories were added, for the benefit of people that don’t know much about table tennis equipment. Also a lot of clutter and links were removed, to make things easier to find and read.


table tennis blogTable tennis blog:

This table tennis shop blog was added.Future articles, information and reviews will be published on this table tennis blog instead of the shop website. The blog is a bit bare at the moment, but if you check back regularly, you’ll find a lot more table tennis related information has been added. We’ll also add more reference pages, like the table tennis rules page (see top), which not only has the latest rules, but also a handy PDF for printing a summary of the rules.


If you’ve got any comments or suggestions for the site or the soph website, something that you like, or would find useful, We’d love to hear them!

OOAK Table Tennis Shop website upgrade
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OOAK Table Tennis Shop website upgrade
OOAK Table tennis shop website upgrade, including a much faster site, full encryption with https, better organisation to make things easier to find, and a table tennis blog with reference and other information.
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OOAK Table tennis shop

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