Best table tennis rally ever!

Best table tennis ralley

Here is a collection of the best table tennis rallies from around the world. These rallies are real and not exhibition matches, which is what makes the so spectacular Do you have any videos of outstanding table tennis videos to share? Please add them here.


Greatest rally in modern Table tennis:

Watch this phenomenal table tennis rally from the Chinese Super league which is one of the greatest of all time! Xu Xin and Zhu Linfeng produced 35 seconds and 41 shots of magic in a recent encounter in the Chinese Super League. World No.2 Xu and his fellow leftie trade blow after blow, some from seemingly impossible angles, before Zhu finally hits a forehand long. Xu went onto clinch the match but both men will be remembered as winners for their part in this incredible play:

One of the best rallies of the year 2015 Fang Bo CHN vs Ma Long CHN WTTC 2015 final:

Most spectacular smashing ralley

Check out this outstanding rally between Adrien Mattenet and Par Gerell at 2015 ITTF World Tour, Czech Open that went for an incredible 91 shots. A perfect example of attack v defense!



Attacker vs Defender

When taking about the best table tennis rallies with an attacker vs a defender, any match with Joo Se Hyuk would be the first that comes to mind. Below you’ll see a great example of Joo vs one of the world best players Timo Boll:


Table tennis longest ralley

Well this is certainly not spectacular like the ones above, but it’s the length of the rally that makes this video impressive. Technically it’s not the longest rally according to the records, but this is the longest in an actual real match, not staged to achieve the record.

This match is at a ITTF table tennis competition in Qatar, competitors Li Jie of the Netherlands and Japan’s Hitomi Sato locked in for an epic rally that lasted 766 shots. The rally lacked some of the acrobatic feats we’ve seen in other memorable exchanges, but it wins for endurance and consistency. It went on for so long! According to SB Nation, the “Expedite System” went into effect after the 10-minute rally — a format that forces more aggressive play because the receiving player automatically scores after 13 successful returns.




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