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TT Manufacturer Interviews

Table Tennis Manufacturers Interviews

Because OOAK Shop deals directly with many different Manufacturers, we got to know some of them very well, so we've asked them for Interviews so that everyone can find out a little more about them. To make it useful to as many players as possible, these interviews are carried out via OOAK Table Tennis Forum, where the wide variety of table tennis players from all over the world can participate in asking the questions that interest them, and these we pass to the Manufacturer as our questions.

Below are the manufacturer interviews we've managed to conduct so far. We hope to continue these interviews and cover more of the major manufacturers. If there are any specific ones you'd like to read about, please let us know, and we'll do our best to get an interview with them.

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Interview with TSP



Interview with Avalox






Interview with Dr Neubauer






Interview with XIOM




Interview with Re-Impact







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