Difference between red & black table tennis rubbers

red vs black table tennis rubbers

This article described the difference in properties between red and black table tennis rubbers. Although for some rubbers the difference is insignificant, for others there is a distinct difference that players can take advantage of. If you’re aware of the difference, you can decide which is the best option for your new custom table tennis bat. Read more

Table Tennis Bats / Rackets

Koki Niwa racket
So you’re in the market for the best table tennis racket, don’t want to spend a fortune on something fancy, but want something good that’s going to give you an advantage? This guide will help you make the right choice, and offer some recommendations that are great value, and should help advance your game.
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Interview with Re-Impact

Re-Impact is a custom table tennis blade manufacturer based in Germany. They specialise in ultra light balsa blades, that offer unique playing abilities for specialist styles, while minimising strain and impact on the joints. Most blades played quite different on forehand and backhand, allowing you to optimise for certain rubbers, like pimples or anti-spin, and giving you optimum control over the pace of the game. Read more